Saturday, February 18, 2006

Richard Cohen is an ignoramus

Summary: Richard Cohen has an opinion piece (linked from the title above) in which he bloviates (I always wanted to use that word) that Gabriela Ocampo, a 12th grader who dropped out of high school because of algebra, shouldn't have had to take algebra. Because, of course, who needs algebra? At least, they don't if they want to be Cohen's maid, I imagine is what he's thinking, since there's no way in hell you could get a college degree in any well-paying field without it. And, since, as Mr. Cohen says, "Writing is the highest form of reasoning," the title of this post can be considered equivalent to a rigorous proof.

Read much more about this at Pharyngula, The Questionable Authority, and SCSU Scholars.

Update: Here's the LA Times article that Cohen likely used as his source material. It does a pretty good job of refuting him itself. Maybe Cohen has trouble reading for meaning, too.

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