Friday, February 17, 2006

Chicken or egg?

The New York Times article linked from the title is about outsourcing -- not of customer service or programming, but of R&D. It seems, sensibly enough, that companies want to have a worldwide talent pool from which to hire. They also want to build relationships with the institutions that produce the talent, and that means opening up R&D facilities worldwide. That doesn't stop companies from worrying about the US situation:

The American executives who are planning to send work abroad express concern about what they regard as an incipient erosion of scientific prowess in this country, pointing to the lagging math and science proficiency of American high school students and the reluctance of some college graduates to pursue careers in science and engineering.
So, let's see: executives are concerned about students' reluctance to pursue S&E careers, so they outsource jobs overseas. That should help, right?

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