Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The KU soap opera continues

It really is starting to sound like a soap opera. This article quotes Prof. Paul Mirecki saying that he was forced to resign as Chair of the University of Kansas' Department of Religious Studies. The article linked from the title above quotes KU administrators saying that he resigned voluntarily. Though these two stories seem in conflict, they really aren't. Voluntarily acceding to a strenuous request by your boss is still a response to coercion. At most schools, department Chairs serve at the pleasure of Deans, so any refusal on Mirecki's part would likely have been futile anyway. As I stated earlier, the KU Chancellor made some remarks that raise questions in my mind about support for academic freedom there. This is consistent with Mirecki's statements.

I'm sure there will be more happening here, as it also appears that Mirecki's computer has been seized by the police, for reasons they won't state.

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