Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The last syllabus you'll ever need

Over at Halfway There, Zeno has a post about a one-size-fits-all syllabus. It certainly is the case that course syllabi have evolved from a means of clear communication with students to written contracts on the nature of courses. Perhaps we should take a page from software End User License writers, who typically tell us we have no rights and that they can change the contract anytime they want and that a post on some web page we'll never check shall be considered sufficient notice of such change.

Oh, well, I guess I'm not curmudgeonly enough yet to do this. But, if I'm told one more time that my use of the word "should" in a homework assignment can be reasonably interpreted as advice, rather than a requirement...

P.S. If you're a student reading this, I hope you realize it is in jest. I am well-known for my voluminous syllabi. The next best thing to a captive listening audience is a captive group of readers.

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