Thursday, August 24, 2006

US Department of Education vanishes evolution

The title above links to a New York Times article describing how a US Dept. of Education grant program in which evolutionary biology is conspicuously missing. You can look at the document in question here; evolutionary biology should be CIP code 26.1303 on page 7. Instead, there is a blank line. DOE spokespeople are saying that it was a clerical error. The interesting thing is that there are some places in the document (such as where evolutionary biology should be) where a number is skipped and there is a blank line, and there are some places where a number is skipped and there is no blank line. It appears that, in the latter case, the skipped CIP codes don't exist, while the blank lines in the former case indicate that a CIP code was purposefully deleted (though there are some blank lines where there is no CIP code). There are only two blank lines that correspond to deleted codes: 26.0908 (Exercise Physiology) and 26.1303 (Evolutionary Biology). (You can look up CIP codes here.) If we assume that these edits both were done in the same fashion, then this would seem to support the idea that evolutionary biology was purposefully, not accidentally, deleted. Topics: ,,.

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  1. Who will believe it is a clerical error?

    I don't know what's worse: that someone decided to delete the code (how low is that?) or that they won't come out and say that someone (to be reprimanded) deleted it.

    Anyhow, here's the nex step:

    "It is not that you are forbidden to teach evolution, but, you know, we forgot to include it in the curriculum. It is a just a clerical error that we will fix in coming years. Meanwhile, through no fault of our own, intelligent design made it on the list. Again, just a clerical error, but now that it is required teaching, you know, you will have to teach it."