Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The best job in America

You may argue about the exact ranking, but not its presence in the top 10. It also ranks second in job growth rate. Of additional interest is the #7 ranking of computer IT analyst (ranked 7th also in job growth rate). Oh, and college professor is #2.


  1. Do you understand how they came up with these results? I don't.

  2. They say that they took into account average salary, projected growth in employment, current number of job openings, stress level, flexibility (it seems relating to things like telecommuting), opportunities for creativity, and how hard it is to get the required qualifications. No, they don't go into details of how they ranked them. They could have had their staff look at the data and rank them ad hoc, but given that they have a list of top 50 jobs also, my guess is that they developed a scoring system that produced a number for each job.

    Looking through the data, you could argue about the exact ranking, but not the general levels (e.g., for the most part, the top 10 jobs are better than those listed 40-50).