Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bill Gates surprises students as "stand in" professor

It seems Bill Gates is touring colleges these days, giving pep talks to students about how exciting technology careers are. The message is spot-on of course: technology careers are incredibly exciting and rewarding. I'm mostly curious why his tour doesn't include the closest (and at times largest, depending on enrollment fluctuations) CS degree program to his office. If I were an egomaniac, I'd think that he's not happy with my previous open letter. If I were a realist, I'd assume he wasn't aware of it...

Dear Mr. Gates,

I'm very sorry that my open letter annoyed you; please take it in the manner in which it was meant: as a helpful suggestion.

Humbly yours,
Mike Stiber

[Thanks to Daniel Lemire for pointing the news item out to me.]

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