Monday, June 20, 2005

Some good specialized podcasts

A while back, I blogged about what I thought were the best podcasts out there. There are other podcasts that I listen to, and some of those I even consider pretty good, but targeted at more specialized audiences. So, here is my current list of "best special-interest podcasts":
  • D'Arcy Norman Dot Net, a podcast from the Learning Commons at the University of Calgary. This podcast focuses on educational technology, such as the use of blogs, wikis, etc., in higher education. Grab the feed at <>.
  • Continuing the theme of educational technology, there's Edupodder, out of San Jose State University, which currently has more of a focus on the use of podcasting itself in education. Its RSS feed is at <>.
  • You sysadmins out there should check out In The Trenches, where Kevin Devin spends 20-40 minutes each day talking about various issues he's had with his own company's systems and other topics of general interest (or of general annoyance) to systems administrators everywhere. I'm only an amateur sysadmin for my own personal machines, but I still scan his shows for an interesting tidbit or story. Get it at <>.
  • For something completely different, you might listen to Hot Radio, an investing podcast. It's really a marketing vehicle for Steve Wirrick's stock/option picking service, and I went back and forth about including it in this list (I'm not a subscriber to his service). However, the podcast is just too entertaining for me not to mention it. Mr. Wirrick has a great deal of enthusiasm (he's the kind of person who says things like, "anywho" -- at least, in the podcast; I don't know about in real life), and even if you're not interested in stocks, I think this is a good example of how to use podcasting as a marketing tool (though I don't know how successful it is in generating business). The feed is at <> -- some podcast clients may have trouble retrieving the audio files.

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Update:I updated D'Arcy Norman's feed location; seems I've been using a deprecated location for a fews months now!

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