Monday, April 18, 2005

A CS gotcha

As Suresh at The Geomblog alerts, those unethical grad students who wrote SCIgen have been found out and their paper post hoc rejected. At least they got their money back. They are still looking to present at the conference, so if you've got a paper accepted and weren't planning to attend, please contact them. In his reply to the students, Prof. Nagib Callaos says:

I am not sure how unethical are these bogus submissions, and if there is some way to detect all of them in a large conference.
He's probably right that there is no way to ensure that no paper built upon falsified results gets ever accepted, but I know how patently bogus papers can be detected: by actually reviewing them. A reviewer who reads the submissions will be able to detect, for example two papers, combined sentence by sentence, so that the text alternates line by line between two topics.

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